Is Condominium Life GREAT? YES!!!

Why Is Condo Life So Great?

Explore with me, David Gerchen, The St. Louis Condominium Expert, how purchasing a Condo RIGHT NOW could be the best decision for you and your family.  My wife and I went from a Single Family home to a Condo a few years ago and have NEVER, NEVER, EVER looked back. 


A New and Carefree Lifestyle!

Maintenance and yard work are a thing of the past. Hello pool time!!

Affordability, Right Now, we could not pass up.

Square foot for square foot we have excellent space and even better value for the money.

Ownership has always been in our plan rather than rent.

It gives us stability and a plan for the future.

I'm David Gerchen, Your St. Louis Condominium Expert.

Regardless of your reasons for considering the purchase of a condominium, I’d love to talk to you about the significant and positive impact owning a condo can make on your life.

Pro Tip: Rarely do you see Condo For Sale signs. Why?

Because most of the time they are not allowed! But there are FANTASTIC properties out there right now. You may be driving right past and not even realizing what is available.

It’s my job, 24/7, as the St. Louis Condo Expert to be In The Know for my clientsI can strategically guide your search to the best Condo for you!  As well as, help sell your Condo when the time comes.  That… is exactly why you need The St. Louis Condo Expert.  A person who specializes in Condo Sales and is In The Know when the right property, at the right price, is right for you.  I’ve completed 100’s of real estate purchases over the years.  Call me today to help with yours.

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